Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand the First Amendment

Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand the First Amendment February 19, 2019

The terminally thin-skinned Donald Trump has again thrown a hissy fit over being made fun of on Saturday Night Live, and again accused the show of being part of a plot against them, and again suggesting that they should be punished for it. Because he neither knows nor cares about free speech.

Retribution? How can they do this without retribution from petty satraps like you? Because of the First Amendment, of course. It is our constitutional right to make fun of politicians. Some would say its a duty to do so. That you would even suggested retribution against them for it shows that he is just another wannabe thug dictator, like his pal Putin. As I’ve said many times, he admires Putin because Putin gets to kill or imprison his political enemies and reporters without consequence. He longs for such power, dreams of it.

He’s also once again using Stalin’s famous phrase:

No, Donald. They’re the enemy of you. And they damn well should be.

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