Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Was Forged. Twice.

Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Was Forged. Twice. February 19, 2019

The committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize rarely discusses nominations for the prize, but they took the rare step of publicly announcing that the nomination of Donald Trump appears to have been forged, both last year and this year. The Norwegian police are investigating who might have done so.

But a wrinkle in this time-honored process — the peace prize was first awarded in 1901 — emerged on Tuesday, when the committee announced that it had uncovered what appeared to be a forged nomination of President Trump for the prize. The matter has been referred to the Oslo police for investigation.

Moreover, the forgery appears to have occurred twice: Olav Njolstad, the secretary of the five-member committee, said it appeared that a forged nomination of Mr. Trump for the prize was also submitted last year — and was also referred to the police. (The earlier forgery was not disclosed to the public at the time.)

Inspector Rune Skjold, the head of the economic crimes section of the Oslo police, said that investigators had been in touch with the F.B.I. since last fall, which suggests that the forged nominations originated in the United States. He said the police believed that the same perpetrator was behind both forgeries.

I bet it turns out to be John Barron. Or David Dennison. I’m not saying Trump did it, but both nominations came in just under the 140 character limit and contained randomly capitalized words and several misspellings.

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