Newsmax Host Make Dumbest Argument Ever Against the Green New Deal

Newsmax Host Make Dumbest Argument Ever Against the Green New Deal February 23, 2019

Brett Winterble, a host on Newsmax TV, has found a sudden, but totally unfounded concern for the rights of Hindus. He makes the utterly bizarre and false argument that the Green New Deal would kill every cow in the world and this would constitute an anti-Hindu hate crime. He said this with a straight face.

How do we know we’re doing the right thing to manage the climate? We don’t know until we do it. And by then we’ve wrecked our economy and killed all the cows. Somebody tell me how the Indians are supposed to do this. How are people in the subcontinent of India supposed to handle the cows? They’re sacred animals in the Hindu tradition, what are we supposed to do with the cows over there? You guys want to commit an anti-Hindu hate crime? Good luck. As for me, I’ll stick with the science.

*scratches head* How does a policy that applies only to the United States, and has no provision whatsoever for killing cows here or anywhere else, lead to the killing of every cow in India? I have no idea. Nor does Winterble, I’m quite sure. This is so ridiculous as to be utterly moronic. In other words, about par for the course in Trumpworld.

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