Wiles Wants McCabe, Rosenstein Waterboarded

Wiles Wants McCabe, Rosenstein Waterboarded February 25, 2019

Deranged right-wing conspiracy nut Rick Wiles wants former Acting Director of the FBI and current Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sent to Guantanamo Bay and tortured. Why? I have no idea. Presumably because they have done things his real object of worship, Donald Trump, doesn’t like.

It could be Rex Tillerson. It may have been Jeff Sessions. It could have been Nikki Haley, we don’t know! But according to McCabe, two people in the Cabinet were willing to overthrow the President of the United States. That means the President of the United States was holding cabinet meetings and he had snakes sitting around him. Hissing snakes!

The media, government agencies, intelligence agencies, technology firms, all in a massive conspiracy against the constitutionally elected President of the United States.

Wiles concluded his discussion by noting that Rosenstein “ought to be facing the electric chair.”

Now remember, this is exactly the kind of thing Wiles is perpetually claim that liberals are going to do to conservatives, round them up and torture them. But apparently it’s okay to do to his own declared enemies.

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