Bakker: Trump Has Been ‘Saved So Many Times’

Bakker: Trump Has Been ‘Saved So Many Times’ February 26, 2019

You’d think that being saved just once would be enough, but apparently not. Christian con man Jim Bakker says that Donald Trump has been “saved so many times” — more times than anyone Bakker knows of. So he’s super maxi extra super duper saved at this point. Or something.

“He wants to please God,” Bakker said of Trump. “He’s not perfect, none of us are perfect, but he is being taught and mentored and prayed with more than probably any president in the history of the United States of America. When he flies, he has pastors with him. When he’s in the White House, he has pastors with him. I personally know people who have led him to Christ. He’s been saved so many times that—I’ll tell you what—if it counts, he’s got more numbers than anybody I know of. And I’m serious.”…

“This is probably one of the basic reasons why there’s miracles coming out of the White House and why there’s a miracle in America,” he added.

That prompted self-proclaimed “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson, who was a guest on Bakker’s program, to proclaim that God is using Trump to pave the way “for an even more conservative 2024 Mike Pence run.”

What miracle in America? Your guess is as good as mine. They want to believe so bad that they’ve convinced themselves that Donald Trump, a man who could not possibly care any less about religion, that he’s one of them. They are as naive and easily flattered and manipulated as he is.

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