Alex Jones Thinks Asian People are Transformers

Alex Jones Thinks Asian People are Transformers March 4, 2019

In an absolutely bizarre interview with Joe Rogan (seriously, Joe, go away already), Alex Jones offered his theory on Asians being natural fighters, or something. He apparently thinks they’re like Transformers who join up to make one big killer robot. What the what?

“In fights in like, Korea, fighting the Chinese, or Vietnam ― they’re conscious and real people but when they get into a fight, they all sync up and are robots and have no real fear. They’re psychotic killers you’re fighting. Asians are about the most fearless killers there are.”

“Once Asians go to war, they’re not crazed, going wild in a battle. They’re like robots coming to kill you.”

Rogan ― who claimed during the podcast that Japan is “obsessed with combat,” naming various forms of martial arts as examples ― asked Jones why he felt that way about Asians’ fighting abilities. The InfoWars host chalked it up to “genetics.”

Maybe they really ARE robots. Robot aliens. Robot reptilian aliens! Yeah, that’s it. Genetically engineered robot reptilian aliens sent here to subdue the earth. Or something. Who the hell knows what he’s babbling about now? He also claimed that Native Americans are genetically prone to groupthink. Because that isn’t racist at all.

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