Wiles Again Predicts Conservatives in Concentration Camps

Wiles Again Predicts Conservatives in Concentration Camps March 9, 2019

Some far-right conspiracy nuts just go to the same well too many times. Rick Wiles is one of them. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s told his followers that the country is just this close to rounding up conservative Christians and throwing them in concentration camps like those evil liberals always want to do. The latest example:

“We are in a communist revolution,” Wiles told his audience. “If these people are not put down—I’m talking about this revolution—if they are not put down, if this revolution is not crushed, you will be crushed. Their next step is a concentration camp for you.”

“If we do not stop this communist revolution, this country is over,” he continued. “They intend to crush the conservatives. That’s what it’s all about … Once they reach a certain level, there is mass bloodshed and that’s where the left is going in this country. They will tear this country to pieces, and when they do it, other nations are going to step in. I could see the United Nations someday passing a resolution asking China and Russia and other nations to send peacekeeping forces into America cities to put down the civil unrest.”

“You think it’s impossible? I don’t,” Wiles added. “Europe, Russia, China will send troops to America to patrol the streets. We’ll lose this country. That’s how close we are.”

There may be some projection going on here, since just a few weeks ago Wiles was practically salivating about the idea that liberals who protest Trump’s border wall would find themselves rounded up and put up against that wall, and presumably shot. He seems to think that the liberals are always trying to do him what he wishes so badly he could do to them. It’s like the boy who cried wolf while guarding the Chicken Little coup while wearing sheep’s clothing. How’s that for multiple mixed metaphors?

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