Fox Host: We Should Burn More Fossil Fuels

Fox Host: We Should Burn More Fossil Fuels March 12, 2019

As the right wing freaks out over the proposed Green New Deal, they’re making all sorts of bizarre statements, not to mention outright lies about what the proposal would do. One Fox host says the alternative Republicans should be proposing is to burn more fossil fuels, not less.


LEE CARTER (POLLSTER): One of the things that is interesting to me about Ocasio-Cortez is that a lot of people are dismissive of her or saying she needs to read up. Except, underneath all of this, there’s a movement right? And we’re seeing — if you look at the polling right now, Bernie Sanders is right up there with — the most recent polling, he’s right up there with Joe Biden. Ocasio-Cortez, her policies are capturing the hearts and minds of a lot of young people, a lot of voters out there. And so, I don’t think that we can just be dismissive of them and say, “She’s got to read up,” or say that they’re totally and factually incorrect. I think we have to have alternatives, and the strategies that she’s using —

DAGEN MCDOWELL (FOX BUSINESS HOST): Well, the alternative is to basically encourage fossil fuel production in this country of natural gas and gasoline because, you know what? It’s inexpensive, and it helps the poorest of the poor by keeping those costs low, and it creates literally millions of jobs in this country. And, with natural gas, it has reduced emissions out of power plants in this country. So that’s why we focus on the specifics.

Yes, burning natural gas is better than burning coal or oil, but it still results in an enormous amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. There’s no reason why a serious effort to develop renewable energy sources like solar and wind can’t result in energy prices that are similar. In fact, it ought to be even cheaper because you don’t have the cost of extracting and transporting all that natural gas. And the cost of extracting that gas, primarily through fracking, is serious environmental destruction. Fracking uses vast amounts of clean water at a time when water supplies are becoming more scarce and burning natural gas still leads to the release of a great deal of particulate matter that has an adverse effect on human health. It’s going to take a while, but the transition to a renewable energy economy is vital to not only preventing global warming from getting worse, but to preventing a great deal of other environmental effects as well.

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