Guandolo: It’s Constitutional to Fire Every Muslim

Guandolo: It’s Constitutional to Fire Every Muslim March 12, 2019

Disgraced former FBI agent turned professional Islamophobe and right wing conspiracy nut went on a wingnut show and declared, bizarrely, that it would be perfectly constitutional to fire every single Muslim working in government. I’d say it’s a good thing he got fired from the FBI.

Credit: JMacpherson

“Legally you can, constitutionally you can, absolutely,” Guandolo said. “Nowhere does Islam … define itself as a religion, merely a religion. As a matter of fact. we have done numerous videos and articles [showing] that in the most widely-used textbook for 12-year-olds in US Islamic schools, on page two, they teach—this is a quote—’Islam is not religion, however, but a complete way of life.’”

“They teach that Islam is a complete way of life—social, cultural, military, political, and religious—all governed by a foreign law: Sharia,” he added. “That makes it a totalitarian system governed by a foreign law and there is no First Amendment protection for imposing that on US citizens.”

Oh for crying out loud. How trivially easy would it be to find Christians who say the exact same thing about their religion, that it’s a complete way of life, not merely a religion? RJ Rushdoony, anyone? Greg Bahnsen? I won’t even bother to do so because it’s so obviously true. But if you used those quotes to say that it’s okay to fire every Christian from a government job, Guandolo’s head would explode in self-righteous rage. These people can’t even pretend to be coherent or consistent.

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