Crokin: Oprah Is a ‘Full Blown Demon from Hell’

Crokin: Oprah Is a ‘Full Blown Demon from Hell’ March 13, 2019

Now I’m not the biggest Oprah Winfrey fan. She’s gotten rich partly by foisting frauds like Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz on the country. But deranged conspiracy nut and QAnon advocate Liz Crokin really, really doesn’t like her, calling her a “full blown demon from hell” in an Instagram post.

Oprah is a full-blown demon from hell using a dead person — who was the victim of the most horrific crimes I won’t get into — to hide behind her own sins. Hey @Oprah — you sick SOB why don’t you investigate all your best friends who are literally committing Satanic Ritualistic Abuse on kids in DROVES! Or better yet, please explain all the sexual abuse that goes on at your “school” in Africa and WHY TF are dead babies popping up in YOUR students’ backpacks at YOUR school? You can try ALL you want to use a dead man to deflect from your disgusting sins, but guess what bitch, your time is up! Your “Ah,ha” moment is coming soon. We know. May you rot in hell! Q has it all.

PS, When President Trump said he knows your weakness, well, he’s not alone. I know, Q knows & soon the WORLD will know! You get a cell in Gitmo, and you get a cell in Gitmo and YOU get cell in Gitmo!

I love how she thinks this mysterious Q “knows it all” and that whatever lunatic ravings Q or their followers have, someone other than their little group of crackpots is going to take it seriously. At some point, if any of this is to happen, you have to actually show the evidence in a court of law (and no, Gitmo is not a court of law). But if evidence actually mattered to these delusional people, they wouldn’t believe the nonsense they do.

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