Fox Host: Climate Scientists Are Eco-Terrorists

Fox Host: Climate Scientists Are Eco-Terrorists March 14, 2019

David Webb, a host on Fox Nation (the place they feature people too inane to host shows on Fox News), and he makes one of the most extreme and hysterical claims about global warming you’ll ever see. He says climate scientists are faking peer review and they’re all “eco-terrorists.” And then a bunch of nonsense about burning wood being worse than burning coal.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): We’ve got a new study claiming there’s a significant race gap in the effects of air pollution.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Explain what they’re talking about.

DAVID WEBB (FOX NATION HOST): It’s gobbledy gook. Go to the bottom of this USA Today story, and you see that it’s a “peer-reviewed group.” A lot of times these studies are done by people with agendas, these enviro-terrorists, these eco-terrorists, they want to sell you a narrative. So they peer review it and say it’s a study, they don’t apply the scientific method.

But, let’s be realistic about this. Yes, are their areas localized where there are air effects different than just pollution widely because of concentration of factories or concentration in urban environment? That’s air quality, and that’s an issue worth discussing. But when you talk about what they’re trying to sell you, you’d have to apply the entire mass of the planet. If you go to Africa where they burn more wood, more fibrous fuels, their pollution is worse because they’re burning something that releases into the air. Central and South America very similar.

DOOCY: David, is this the first time you’ve heard of pollution being essentially carved up into racial demographics?

WEBB: Can you explain Africa to me? Because, last time I checked, it’s not a majority Caucasian country (sic), but they have a pollution problem.

Africa is not a country, you dolt, it’s a continent. And no, they don’t have anywhere near the pollution problem that the rest of the world has except in the biggest cities, where they generate electricity with — you guessed it — fossil fuels. The rest of this is equally idiotic, which explains why it was on Fox and Friends. Saying things this stupid should be painful.

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