Poor Tucker Carlson Is the Victim. Of His Own Words.

Poor Tucker Carlson Is the Victim. Of His Own Words. March 14, 2019

Trying desperately to calm the firestorm ignited by some terribly misogynistic comments encouraging sex with underage girls and racist comments as well, Tucker Carlson is playing the victim. He says he’s being “disappeared” like many other conservatives and that Media Matters should be investigated by the IRS — for quoting his own words verbatim.

A night after defiantly declaring that he would not “bow to the mob” amid a firestorm of controversy over misogynistic and racist comments he made during appearances on shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show from 2006 to 2011, top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that he is the victim of a left-wing authoritarian conspiracy to “disappear” anyone with “dissenting political opinions.”

Carlson, who was heard defending statutory rape, calling women “extremely primitive,” and describing Iraqis as “semi-literate primitive monkeys” in the old audio recirculated earlier this week, began Tuesday night’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight as he so often does: by playing the victim…

“Ever notice how certain people have started to disappear? he asked his audience, adding that those disappearing aren’t “vagrants or runaways” but “fairly prominent well-educated people with dissenting political opinions.”

Uh, no, actually. I haven’t noticed that. Nor has anyone else, because it simply isn’t happening.

Carlson claimed the non-Fox mainstream media all but takes its story assignments from Media Matters, a group he decried as a “George Soros-funded lobbying organization” that “often uses propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center to bully” other news outlets.

After delivering some personal insults to other members of the media, such as calling CNN’s Brian Stelter a “eunuch” (again), Carlson then claimed that Media Matters was breaking the law and called for action against them.

“During the Obama administration, Media Matters held weekly strategy discussions with the White House about how to hurt its political enemies,” Carlson declared. “Media Matters kept an enemies list of Republicans to destroy, including Steve King of Iowa. This is a violation of federal tax law. Tax-exempt nonprofits cannot function as an arm of a political party. Media Matters clearly does.”

Right, and that’s so different from all the conservative PACs and non-profits who strategize with Republican politicians. ALEC, the Federalist Society, the Koch brothers entire political operation and many more. And all this outrage from Carlson because they quoted him directly and that made him look bad. Whatever happened to that allegedly conservative principle of personal accountability?

By the way, Carlson has now begun losing major advertisers on his show. Just ask Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly what happens when that begins. And you know what that’s called? Capitalism. Companies can choose what shows to advertise on and they don’t want to be associated with people who say the kinds of things Carlson says (though why it took this to do it is beyond me).

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