Peterson: Mosque Massacre Could Happen Here Because Muslims are Treated Too Well

Peterson: Mosque Massacre Could Happen Here Because Muslims are Treated Too Well March 18, 2019

The almost incomparably stupid Jesse Lee Peterson reacted to the massacre of some 50 Muslims in New Zealand with some victim-blaming. He says it could happen here too and it’s all because Muslims are treated so well in this country while white Christians face all kinds of discrimination. Seriously.

Peterson said that “if white people get angry … this is what’s going to happen,” asserting that white Antifa activists are terrorists who are being protected by the Democrats while “normal whites” are being called racists and white supremacists simply for being conservatives and Christians.

“You gotta start standing up before you get too angry and out out control in this country, folks,” Peterson said. “In this country, the Muslims are treated better than the Christians and white people in America. We just saw where they allowed two Muslims to become congressmen in our government, and that is not good. Those two women hate Israel and they hate America.”

Who is the “they” that allowed two Muslim women to be elected to Congress? They would be the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution and guaranteed that anyone of any religion, or no religion, is eligible for public office. Don’t you love it when people who claim to love the Constitution take a foursquare stand against something it says, but without acknowledging that they’re doing so?

And anyone who thinks Muslims are treated better than Christian in America is so delusional that they are unreachable. I simply can’t imagine going through life being this disconnected from reality. Their “reality” is just a pile of lies and myths that have no resemblance to actual reality on this planet.

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