Trump Loves to Cherry Pick Poll Numbers

Trump Loves to Cherry Pick Poll Numbers March 19, 2019

In his tweet targeting Saturday Night Live, and in many other places over the last few weeks, Trump has “trump”eted a couple of poll numbers to claim he’s wildly popular. “Hard to believe I won and am winning. Approval Rating 52%, 93% with Republicans. Sorry!” But those numbers are inaccurate and cherry picked. Philip Bump traces them back:

He’s made reference to these two numbers several times prior: this purported 52 percent approval rating overall and a 93 percent approval rating with Republicans. But where do they come from?

The first is easy to identify. It’s from Rasmussen Reports, which did indeed find that Trump had a 52 percent approval rating overall — on Feb. 11.

In other words, it’s been 36 days since Rasmussen reported a 52 percent approval for the president.

It was the highest Trump had been in Rasmussen’s polling since early in his administration, and he’s since polled well below that. But it’s also worth noting that Rasmussen’s polling has consistently been higher than other polls in evaluating approval for Trump. On 99.6 percent of days when there’s both a Rasmussen poll and a RealClearPolitics average of approval polls — an average that includes Rasmussen — the approval number has been higher in Rasmussen.

All polls are fake, he routinely claims, except the very rare ones that make him look good. Rasmussen was not even close on the results of the 2018 midterms, which is why Nate Silver rates them very low. They consistently skew toward the Republican side and are way off the mark when compared to actual results.

And the 93%? It was a straw poll taken at CPAC, not just a poll of Republican voters. Those are hardcore right-wing activists who have completely sold out for Trump. His approval among Republicans IS high. Very high, in the high 80s according to most polls. But not 93% according to a completely unscientific poll.

This is how salesmen and con man operate. They use statistics to tell lies.

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