David Lane: Secularism ‘Must Be Ousted from the Marketplace’

David Lane: Secularism ‘Must Be Ousted from the Marketplace’ March 21, 2019

David Lane, almost certainly the most powerful person on the Christian right that few people have ever even heard of, has long been on a crusade against secularism. In a message to members of his American Renewal Project, he casually equates secularism with socialism and says it must be “ousted from the marketplace.”

A new Harris Poll reveals that Generation Z has a more “positive view of the word ‘socialism’ than previous generations, and – along with millennials – are more likely to embrace socialistic policies and principles than past generations.”…

Secular humanists took public education hostage in the early 20th century and show no sign of letting up. Present-day ‘education programs’ include for 13-14-year-old girls, “Oral sex, anal sex, sexual fantasy, masturbation, touching each others’ genitals, and vaginal intercourse all equal to saying, ‘I like you’” – all deftly packaged under the guise of ‘health’ and ‘tolerance’.

Erotic practices and role-playing involving bondage, submission, and sadomasochism are secular expedients, brought to you by the government-run school near you. Before long the National Education Association (NEA) will give preference for 8th grade field trips to include San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair over sightseeing tours of the nation’s capital and historic Williamsburg.

If America is to survive, Secularism will have to be ousted from the marketplace. The death grip of secular bullies and brawlers on public education, universities, and academia has marred and scarred the culture like a spiritual cancer. Its detrimental impact is on display in each and every last one of the cultural mountains of influence: education, academia, newsrooms, sports, the Courts, big business, Hollywood, and medicine.

With the nullification of the fixed point – a Biblically-based culture – that the American Founders deemed imperative, truth in America has become what five secular U.S. Supreme Court Justices any given day will agree upon. As America retreats “from the fixed boundaries of the moral order consistent with God’s character”, Christianity has been in every practical sense stripped from the culture. The ‘twisted’ now reign, and whatever their outward piety, they in reality scorn God.

I wish he were right that Christianity had been stripped from the culture. We’d be better off for it. But people like Lane fear losing their cultural hegemony, which is happening slowly, in some areas. In others, Christian nationalism is clearly on the march, and the new makeup of the Supreme Court does not bode well.

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