Bernstein Calls on Trump to Become a Dictator

Bernstein Calls on Trump to Become a Dictator March 22, 2019

Josh Bernstein, a proto-fascist wingnut radio host, came right out and said he wants Trump to become a dictator when it comes to building the wall on the Southern border, saying he thinks he should just ignore Congress, ignore any court orders and build the wall regardless of pesky little things like the Constitution and the rule of law.

“What I would say to the president,” Bernstein advised, “is I would ignore the left, I would ignore the RINOS and I would just ignore Congress, I would ignore the law and I would just build the wall regardless.”

“I wouldn’t stop, I wouldn’t listen to any judges’ injunction and I would continue to build the wall and just ignore the courts and ignore the law and deal with the consequences of that later,” he added.

Yeah, that’s called being a dictator. Don’t you love how all these far-right crackpots swear to love the Constitution but happily ignore it and even advocate for its destruction in order to get their way? His true colors are showing here and they sure as hell aren’t red, white and blue.

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