‘Seasoned Prophet’ Tells Ridiculous Tale of Turning Away a Tornado

‘Seasoned Prophet’ Tells Ridiculous Tale of Turning Away a Tornado March 22, 2019

Christian con man Jim Bakker welcomed fellow Christian con man Bobby Connor — I mean, “seasoned prophet” Bobby Connor — to his show, during which he told an absolutely ridiculous story about how he once turned away a tornado because God said he’d kill a bunch of people if he didn’t.

As Connor explained it, he had just arrived at a church in Oklahoma when they received an alert that “a terrible tornado” was heading right toward them.

“And so, here’s what happened,” Connor said. “The Lord said, ‘Bobby, if you don’t get up and rebuke his tornado, I’m going to send a tornado, blow the building away, hurt a lot of people and hold you responsible’ … So I got up and prophesied to the winds and you can [see] it, it’s in the film on the Weather Channel. When the prayer goes up to bind the tornado, the tornado is coming down like that, it stops in midair, reverses its rotation, goes up back up. The world record people said that it had [only] happened one other time in human history.”

“Isn’t that amazing?” he said.

No, it’s an absurd and obvious lie. First of all, there are no such thing as “world record people.” If he’s talking about the people at the Guiness Book of World Records, that isn’t something they would even look at because there’s no record at stake. So he’s inventing fake testimonials from people who don’t even exist.

But worse, think about what he’s saying about this God he worships. In his telling, God is basically saying, “Beg me, Bobby. Beg me or I’m gonna kill a bunch of people and it’ll be your fault.” That’s morally bankrupt, the kind of behavior you see from supervillains in a comic book movie, not some allegedly loving God. Of course, the problem with my argument here is the phrase “think about.” That’s something they can’t afford to do, lest they lose their illusions — or in this case, kill their golden goose.

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