Uri Geller Says He’ll Stop Brexit with His Mind

Uri Geller Says He’ll Stop Brexit with His Mind March 24, 2019

“Psychic” con man Uri Geller, whose entire career should have ended after James Randi exposed him on the Tonight Show decades ago, says he is going to prevent Brexit from happening with the sheer power of his mighty mind. Apparently he thinks the European Union is just a big spoon.

Photo Credit: James Randi Educational Foundation

Illusionist Uri Geller has told Theresa May he will “not allow” her to lead Britain out of the EU.

In an open letter to the prime minister, the Israeli-British TV personality said he felt “psychically and very strongly” that most Britons were anti-Brexit and promised to stop the process telepathically. He wrote: “I feel psychically and very strongly that most British people do not want Brexit. I love you very much but I will not allow you to lead Britain into Brexit. As much as I admire you, I will stop you telepathically from doing this – and believe me I am capable of executing it. Before I take this drastic course of action, I appeal to you to stop the process immediately while you still have a chance.”

That should be delusionist, not illusionist. The man is an absolute fraud and this has been proven time and time again. He couldn’t stop an ant from walking an inch “telepathically.” Whatever the hell that is.

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