Aborted Cells in Vaccines Prevent Prayers from Working

Aborted Cells in Vaccines Prevent Prayers from Working March 25, 2019

How easy is it to stop prayers from working? According to the Trump-supporting group Intercessors for America, the fact that the first vaccines used cell lines from two aborted fetuses has prevented their prayers against abortion from working effectively. Seems rather odd that this would stop an omnipotent God from answering prayers, doesn’t it?

Intercessors for America, for example, has published “Immunized Against Effective Prayer,” a four-page “intelligence report” suggesting that decades of prayer to break “the curse of abortion” may have been ineffective because so many people have been injected with vaccines containing aborted fetal tissue. According to IFA’s report, that makes them complicit in abortion, “thus disqualifying our spiritual authority in prayer.”

More than likely, intercessors praying for the overturn of Roe v. Wade have, unknowingly, been vaccinated with this very tissue. This revelation could provide some answers to why our breakthrough has not yet come.

Ah, but they have a solution:

IFA’s guide offers a “prayer for cleansing” in which people ask forgiveness for any participation in “using that innocent bloodshed to inoculate against disease” and ask to be cleansed of any curse they are under as a result.

So this stops prayers from working, so the solution is a different prayer? Why wouldn’t those cells also stop that prayer from working? There seems to be no limit to how ridiculous one’s thinking becomes once they go down this rabbit hole of irrationality.

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