Wallnau Accurately Calls Trump Supporters Scared Sheep

Wallnau Accurately Calls Trump Supporters Scared Sheep March 25, 2019

Trump bootlicker and Christian fraud Lance Wallnau said something that is surprisingly accurate, though he certainly didn’t mean it to be true in the sense that it is. Trump, he says, is the perfect shepherd for evangelical Christians, who are scared sheep full of anxiety.

Wallnau said that “when the sheep get tense like that, they look for a shepherd. And who comes along but Donald Trump, the perfect shepherd for this flock of people.” Evangelicals are an “extremely dedicated constituency” for Trump, said Wallnau, because they believe that he understands their anxiety and that he is willing to defend them.

“Christians changed the course of history because they were traumatized,” he said, adding that he’s “very excited by the degree of trauma that exists right now in the world where Christians are concerned, because if you can’t get Christians to be motivated for enlightened self-interest, they will be motivated out of fear.”

Yep, he nailed it, though he meant this as a compliment. That’s the secret to Trump’s entire success politically, the exploitation of fear (and bigotry, which results from fear). He tells them who is to blame for their fears (minorities and immigrants) and promises to protect them from the scourge of people who are different from them. And that helps them sleep better at night. Trump has become their real savior, not Jesus.

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