Bernstein Wants Hillary Sent to the Guillotines

Bernstein Wants Hillary Sent to the Guillotines March 26, 2019

Josh Bernstein is ecstatic about the Mueller report, donning a party hat and gloating like an immature child. But now, he says, he wants Attorney General William Barr to start arresting “liberal scumbags,” and he says Hillary Clinton should be the first one sent to the guillotines.

“Liberals of America, are you feeling a little butthurt right now?” he laughed, before slipping into baby talk. “You didn’t get any collusion. Awww, poor babies. All I can say is they called John Gotti the Teflon Don; well, guess what? Donald Trump is the Teflon Don. He’s untouchable, baby! Untouchable.”

After proposing a toast to “every liberal scumbag in America,” Bernstein declared that members of the media should be required to pay back the millions of dollars the government spent on the special counsel investigation or else “should be fined for lying, assassination of character.”…

“Does Barr have a set of balls or not?” he said. “That’s what we need to find out. Because the real investigations need to start now. We need to see people go down for the crimes that were committed. And Hillary Clinton—you sick, lying, dying witch of a woman—you should be first in line at the guillotines, as far as I’m concerned.”

Bernstein is a seriously disturbed man who needs to be tracked by law enforcement. He threatens such violence practically on a daily basis. He genuinely wants to kill his political enemies. Absolutely deranged.

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