Jeffress: Evangelicals Support Trump Because They Believe in Absolute Truth

Jeffress: Evangelicals Support Trump Because They Believe in Absolute Truth March 26, 2019

No one licks Trump’s boots more fervently than Baptist megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress. His claims on behalf of Trump are some of the most ridiculous and unhinged this side of Liz Crokin. In response to a poll that shows a slight decrease in those identifying as evangelical, he says evangelicals still support Trump in overwhelming numbers because they are so devout and morally upstanding.

According to the Texas pastor, Trump has nothing to worry about because evangelicals show up in larger numbers at the ballot box than other religious groups.

“[I]n the poll we’re talking about today,” Jeffress said, “even though the evangelical number has dropped as a whole, the number of evangelicals turning out at the ballot box is greater than other groups, and it’s because evangelicals have deeper convictions. They believe in absolute moral and spiritual truth, and they tend to vote those convictions at the ballot box.”

Oh yes, absolute moral and spiritual truth. Like they asserted relentlessly about, say, Bill Clinton and his sexual exploits. That man is immoral, he cheats on his wife, we can’t support him! But here they are bowing before a serial adulterer on his third trophy wife who pays porn stars and Playboy models to keep quiet about their affairs. If that were Clinton or Obama, their heads would explode. They would be the very embodiment of moral evil. But not Trump. This isn’t voting your convictions, it’s contradicting them (or at least the ones you claim to have).

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