In Trumpworld, Reality is Whatever They Define It to Be

In Trumpworld, Reality is Whatever They Define It to Be March 27, 2019

From the very beginning, Trump and his underlings and supporters have called the Mueller investigation an illegal witch hunt. Now that the report is completed and they’re spinning it as total vindication — that is, they’re lying about it — suddenly it was a model process of fairness and objectivity. So says Baghdad Kellyanne Conway.

So, the president and others had called this a witch-hunt. What do you make of the Mueller investigation now?

Kellyanne Conway:

It’s a full and fair investigation that came to the right conclusion.

A full and fair investigation! Reality did a complete 180 and the illegal witch hunt, the attempted coup run by “Comey’s best friend” Mueller and “13 angry Democrats” is suddenly, magically, nothing but fair and objective. And yet they’re fighting tooth and nail to prevent the report from being made public. If they truly believed that the report is a “total and complete vindication,” they would be demanding its release immediately. But they don’t. They’re lying and they know it. This is Humpty Trumpty, where reality means whatever he says it means, neither more nor less.

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