Neo-Nazis Watch Tucker Carlson to Get Talking Points

Neo-Nazis Watch Tucker Carlson to Get Talking Points April 2, 2019

We’ve long known that white supremacists are big fans of Tucker Carlson, who helps reframe their beliefs in a politically palatable manner using dog whistles rather than overt rhetoric. Now a former white supremacist whose father founded the neo-Nazi site Stormfront is confirming that his family watches Carlson to get ideas and talking points more covert than their internal beliefs.

VAN JONES (HOST): It’s very alarming to me to see, I thought, at the highest levels, even, you know, anchors at Fox speaking that way. Does it alarm you?

DEREK BLACK (FORMER WHITE NATIONALIST): Yeah. It’s really, really alarming that my family watches Tucker Carlson’s show once and then watches it on the replay because they feel that he is making the white nationalist talking points better than they have and they’re trying to get some tips on how to advance it.

This is another story that gets far less attention than it deserves. The mainstream media should be raising hell over it but they’ve mostly ignored it. That needs to change.

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