Trump Puts Fraudster Rick Scott in Charge of Health Care Policy

Trump Puts Fraudster Rick Scott in Charge of Health Care Policy April 3, 2019

As I wrote in my last post, Trump is trying to convince people that the Republicans have a secret health care plan that will make everything better than it is now. To prove that, he’s put Rick Scott, whose company paid the largest fine in history for defrauding the government, in charge of developing that plan.

Source: on a CC3.0 Creative Commons license.

Rick Scott as the CEO of Columbia/HCA until 1997. He took his golden parachute and bailed out shortly after the government announced that this company was under investigation for fraud involving payments from Medicare and Medicaid. The company was found guilty and had to pay an $840 million fine for defrauding the government. It was later increased by $881 million for penalties. The total penalty of $1.7 billion was, the DOJ said, “by far the largest recovery ever reached by the government in a health care fraud investigation.”

By that time, of course, Scott had bailed, but this all happened while he was CEO so it is totally his responsibility. And what do the Republicans, allegedly the party of personal responsibility, do about it? Elect him governor of Florida and then Senator from Florida, and put him in charge of developing a government health care policy, the same government he defrauded for billions of dollars. Boy, that’s how you hold someone accountable. Republicans love to claim that government is corrupt and they spend most of their time proving it with their actions.

This is just another example of Trump putting the absolute worst people in charge of things. Coal company lobbyists running the EPA, oil industry lobbyists running the Interior Department. At this point, the federal government might as well be a fully-owned subsidiary of big business interests.

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