Peterson Reiterates that Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote

Peterson Reiterates that Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote April 5, 2019

The utterly reprehensible Jesse Lee Peterson is quite upset about a lesbian being elected mayor of Chicago this week and he’s ranting about how this proves he was right all along when he said that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they keep voting for things he doesn’t like.

Peterson, who has long insisted that “one of the greatest mistakes that America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote,” complained on his radio program yesterday that elected offices are being filled with gays and Muslims “because of the women’s vote.”

“I am blown away how there are people in our country who have no shame about being wrong now and that wrong is being accepted as right,” Peterson griped. “You have mayors [who are] lesbians—I think we got more than one in the country—and we have homosexuals, and men and women who are living together without being married, and Muslims and all the wrong kinds of people running our country. It’s like they’re becoming first class citizens while Christians, the men and women of God, are becoming second class citizens.”

“The reason all of this is happening,” he added, “is become of the women’s vote. There are more women voting … and they are voting for the wrong things, folks, the wrong people, the wrong emotional reasons. And the reason they’re doing it is because they don’t have men to say, ‘No, don’t vote for that person, that’s wrong, and here’s why it’s wrong.’ They don’t have men leading the way and then women have convinced the men to vote for the homosexuals and other people.”

Of course. Because it’s not like women are fully independent people on their own, they are merely an appendage of a man. They don’t have minds themselves and can’t make any decisions for themselves. And remember, folks, Peterson may seem like an obscure figure that might be best ignored, but he has been a guest on Fox News many times, particular on their most popular show, Sean Hannity. And Hannity is on the board of his organization, BOND. We need to make sure everyone knows about his vile beliefs.

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