Jackson Fumes About Election of Lesbian Mayor in Chicago

Jackson Fumes About Election of Lesbian Mayor in Chicago April 7, 2019

Chicago elected the first black female mayor last week, Lori Lightfoot, and she’s also a lesbian. Proto-fascist E.W. Jackson, who nearly became the Lt. Governor of Virginia, throws quite an irrational tantrum about it. He’s particularly upset that Lightfoot said that her election proves that it doesn’t matter who you love.

“I almost get nauseous every time I hear that because we know that’s a euphemism for, ‘It doesn’t matter who you have sex with,’” he said. “They’re not talking about love … They’re talking about who you have sex with. And specifically, they’re saying it doesn’t matter if you have sex with someone of the same gender. The euphemism is just disgusting. It really is, because this is a satanic, demonic twisting of language.”

“They’re talking about having sex with people of the same gender,” Jackson continued. “And God does care about that and therefore, we care, particularly when you want to enshrine it in public policy … When you try to enshrine it in public policy and you try to make it matter of public record and a matter of legislation and regulation, and you want to put the imprimatur of the government … on things that are inherently sinful and wrong, you are taking the hands of every taxpayer and putting our hands in your filth. You are making us complicit in the wrong, the defilement that you are doing.”

“You are trying to fundamentally transform our culture to make what is abnormal, normal,” he added, “and to force everybody—particularly Christians—to force Christians to accept and to participate in some way in putting our seal of approval on what is being done. That’s the issue. It doesn’t matter who you love? Give me a break. I mean, give me a break with that nonsensical, demonic twisting of the language. It’s not about who you love, it’s about who you have sex with. That’s what they’re talking about, and specifically about having sex with people of the same gender. And yes, we do care, because God cares. If God calls it an abomination, it’s an abomination.”

He as it exactly backwards, of course. The ones who want to enshrine who you have sex with in the law are the anti-gay bigots, who want legal and official discrimination, and often imprisonment or worse for gay people. That’s enshrining their own fascism into the law. And of course, if the standard is that the law must comply with the Bible, we are a theocracy, not a free country. By his “reasoning,” by allowing people to work on the sabbath, or have sex before marriage, or get divorced, the government is “taking the hands of every taxpayer and putting our hands in your filth” and enshrining sin into the law.

And please note that, like all anti-gay bigots, Jackson reduces gay people to nothing more than a sex act. That’s the only thing they ever think of when a gay person is mentioned. To the bigots, gay people are totally one-dimensional, sex being the only act they ever engage in. The totality of who they are is defined by who they have sex with. They aren’t capable of love or compassion or decency. They are merely a walking set of genitals rubbing up against the wrong genitals, presumably 24 hours a day. It’s pure bigotry.

Note: I initially wrote that Lightfoot was the first female mayor of Chicago, but I was corrected by a friend who lives in Chicago. The first female mayor of Chicago was apparently Jane Byrne.

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