Wingnuts: No Racism, Only Trump Supporters Are Discriminated Against

Wingnuts: No Racism, Only Trump Supporters Are Discriminated Against April 9, 2019

The self-pitying paranoia of wingnuts combined with their persecution complex and intense desire to believe that racism doesn’t exist leads them to say monumentally stupid things like this. Bill Mitchell and Trump-loving former Apprentice contestant Stephanie Myers say that there is no such thing as racial discrimination, but Trump fans are discriminated against routinely.

“Where is the racism?” he asked. “I go out to the grocery store, I go to the gas station, I go to restaurants, I go to the theater, I don’t see black people being discriminated against. I’m standing in line at the grocery store, there’s a black person in front of me, I’m talking to them, having a nice conversation, they check out just like I do. Nobody is denying them service. If you were to listen to the Democrats, they would say racism is the biggest problem in America today, that people are being hung from trees, that they’re being led off in chains. It’s just not happening. It’s not real.”

“I agree one hundred percent,” responded Myers. “In fact, I get discriminated against when I walk around southern California with my MAGA hat … Wearing my Trump hat anywhere around southern California, let me tell you, I’m judged all the time. But I’m not afraid, I wear it with pride. I feel like we are discriminated against in my neck of the woods when we wear our stuff.”

Notice how he’s talking about discrimination and then suddenly she changes it to being judged. But being judged is not discrimination. Criticism is not persecution. You feel judged for supporting Trump? Good, you should feel that way. The ability of these people to completely deny reality and rationalize anything and everything to support their persecution complex knows no boundaries.

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