Wingnuts: Trump Should Shut Down Newspapers and TV Stations that Criticize Him

Wingnuts: Trump Should Shut Down Newspapers and TV Stations that Criticize Him April 15, 2019

The fascist impulses of Trump’s far right supporters is making itself plain once again. Bill Deagle and Josh Bernstein say Trump should shut down the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets that are critical of him. Constitution? Who needs that pesky Constitution? Heil Mein Fuhrer Trump! Oh, and Right Wing Watch is a Nazi organization.

“Trump should actually de-license the Washington Post and [Jeff] Bezos should be spending time in jail,” Deagle said. “CNN and MSNBC, especially after the Mueller report came out, they should be de-licensed. There shouldn’t be a cable network called CNN anymore, it should be gone.”

“I totally agree,” replied Bernstein. “You have these organizations, these Nazi organizations like Right Wing Watch that just report on B.S. They never go to the source, they never go to the truth, and they don’t use common sense. It’s always sensationalism.”

Yeah, they’re just to “sensationalists,” those damn Nazis who quote me directly on video. And of course, Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to hold office:

“I personally don’t think that Muslims should hold office in any state or federal elections or anything, Deagle responded. “I don’t believe in it. I think that Islam is completely intolerable to a being a Judeo-Christian ethics system based on the rights given by God, not by the Quran and this demonic organization called Islam.”

So the First Amendment is gone and so is the ban on religious tests for office. Anything else you Constitution-loving “conservatives” wanna get rid of while you’re at it?

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