Here Come the Notre Dame Conspiracy Theories

Here Come the Notre Dame Conspiracy Theories April 17, 2019

You knew the moment that Notre Dame Cathedral started to burn, the wingnutosphere was going to go crazy with the conspiracy theories. French police have already ruled out arson, but that doesn’t stop the conspiracy nuts. In fact, it only feeds the conspiracy theories — I mean, that’s what THEY want you to think. That’s especially true of the Islamophobes, who immediately blamed Muslims for the whole thing — with no evidence whatsoever.

Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars and several other sites quoted a tweet that claimed someone at the fire site said it was deliberately set. The tweet on which it was based was quickly deleted. Right Wing crackpot Frank Gaffney called it a “Sharia-supremacist assault on Christianity.” Islamophobic blog Jihad Watch falsely reported that some woman who was previously arrested for an attempted car bombing was involved in the Cathedral fire. Several other sides picked up that false claim and ran with it.

Lots of blogs and Twitter accounts declared that was proof of the decline, if not outright death, of Christianity, Western civilization and evverything that is right and good. What is ironic about this, I think, is that most of these people making such claims are hardcore Protestants, mostly Calvinists of one sort of another, who reject the Catholic church as a false Christianity, the whore of Babylone, and so forth. But suddenly this Catholic cathedral is the sacred symbol of Christianity being destroyed by the Mongol hordes.

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