Limbaugh Equates White Supremacy with the “Christian” Founding of the Country

Limbaugh Equates White Supremacy with the “Christian” Founding of the Country April 17, 2019

Rush Limbaugh made what seems to be a bizarre statement that actually has a measure of truth I’m sure he didn’t intend or even understand that he as taking that position. He said that those who criticize white supremacists are really attacking the founding fathers and the “Christian” basis of our founding.

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I’m going to tell you, whenever you hear anywhere on the left an attack on white nationalism or white supremacy or white this or that, what they’re really talking about is the founding of the country and it’s roots in Christianity. That is the actual target of all of these made up targets: white nationalists, white supremacy, white privilege, white this, white that, white males, and all of that.

The kernel of truth should be obvious. Despite what the founders did to advance freedom and democracy, many of them were, in fact, white supremacists and even slave owners, including three of our first four presidents. And yes, Christianity has a long and disturbing association with white supremacy. But the nation was not founded on Christianity. We know that because they told us so. But his argument unwittingly makes an argument against the founders and what they did, something he would be outraged about if a liberal made that same argument. No one ever accused Limbaugh of being overly bright.

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