Jackson Flipping Out About Buttigieg

Jackson Flipping Out About Buttigieg April 18, 2019

Bigoted crackpot E.W. Jackson, who nearly because Lt. Governor of Virginia, is losing his mind about Pete Buttigieg being the first openly gay major party presidential candidate (okay, so it was really Fred Karger, but he was irrelevant to the campaign). He says Buttigieg is going to establish a “homocracy” that locks up all the Christians.

“A big old smack in the mouth between two men,” groused Jackson. “A normal man is disgusted by the idea of two men kissing each other on the mouth. A normal man is disgusted by that. People can try to be politically correct all they want, but a normal man is disgusted by it because it is not what God made us for, it is not the way we are wired, it is not what we are made for.”

“They do this publicly because they want to wear down the sense of disgust that people feel, they want to erode it,” he continued. “I don’t even want to see that. I really don’t. It’s disgusting and all the men in America, all the normal men in America, know it’s true. They know it’s true … When God calls it an abomination, you know what an abomination means? It means something particularly detestable and it implies that it causes you to become nauseated … This is how normal people feel and they are basically forced to suppress those feelings because of the gay mafia and the degree to which they will try to destroy anybody who won’t go along.”…

Jackson warned that if Buttigieg were to become president, he will use the power of the government to shut down Christian broadcasters and businesses because LGBTQ activists want nothing more than to put Christians in jail and turn America into a “homocracy.”

Dude, breathe. Try some yoga or meditation or something before you completely blow a gasket. No one is going to throw Christians in jail. Buttigieg is a Christian himself, for crying out loud. Get a prescription for some anti-anxiety meds and relax.

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