Trump Sycophants Furiously Sowing Doubt About Mueller Report

Trump Sycophants Furiously Sowing Doubt About Mueller Report April 18, 2019

Trump falsely claims that the Mueller reports completely and totally exonerates him. If his supporters in the wingnutosphere actually believed him, they’d be thrilled about its release. But they don’t, so they are furiously trying to make people doubt what it says without ever having seen it. Here’s Rush Limbaugh lying about it:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I have to tell you folks, it’s almost — it’s almost insufferable. Here we are, the day before the Mueller report comes out, and it just — no matter what it says, we’re going to be lied to. You just know there’s going — that no matter what it says, the Democrats and the media are going to lie about what’s in it. And in addition to — because they’ve been lying about everything for two years, why stop now? Fake news is fake news. Like they convinced however great a percentage of the country that the tax cut wasn’t a tax cut. How many people were they able to make believe that?

So even though the report has no collusion in it and no obstruction according to Barr’s summary, you wait, because I guarantee you — well I can’t guarantee, I haven’t seen it, but I predicted that this report is going to have horrible things to say about Donald Trump as a person in it. May not have — but look it. Everybody on Mueller’s team was a pro-Hillary, Trump-hating lawyer led by Andrew Weissmann. They have a chance here in this report to write the narrative of the Trump administration that they want the drive-by media to report. So OK, maybe they didn’t find any collusion between Trump and Russia, doesn’t mean they can’t leave a lot of bread crumbs for these idiot savants in the drive-by media to follow and gobble up, and then report their little narrative of whatever the heck it’s going to be. Ken Starr is out there and he says that he fears a mighty anti-Trump screed, is what he says he’s expecting in this report.

“No matter what it says, we’re going to be lied to.” He’s never seen it. Way to strike a blow for logic and evidence, Rush (not that those things ever matter to the wingnuts). And he’s lying when he says everyone on the investigative team was a pro-Hillary Trump-hater.He has zero evidence of that, again not that evidence matters a bit to him and his listeners. Mueller is a Republican. He was appointed by a Republican. And FBI agents aren’t exactly known for being wild-eyed liberals, or for letting their political biases cloud their investigations. And of course, there will be thousands of pages of supporting documents full of, uh. what’s that stuff called again? Oh yeah, evidence.

If they didn’t fear what the report said, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to make people doubt if before anyone has ever seen it.

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