Mueller Report Makes Q Anon Believers Look Stupid

Mueller Report Makes Q Anon Believers Look Stupid April 19, 2019

The people who bought into the utterly laughable Q Anon crackpottery were sure that Mueller was working with Trump and that his report would, instead of going after Trump, would reveal horrible crimes by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as other Democrats. Crimes like child rape and even cannibalism. Yesterday was a disappointing day for them.

Liz Crokin, a leading QAnon promoter, predicted on Wednesday that Mueller’s report would uncover leading Democrats committing crimes that are “punishable by death.”

“I think the Mueller Report will reveal some indicators that the real crimes that took places were committed by Hillary Clinton, Obama, and some of their associates,” Crokin told The Daily Beast.

Crokin wasn’t alone. “Patriots’ Soapbox,” a 24-hour YouTube livestream devoted to decoding QAnon clues, urged viewers to check back Thursday for a “BIG day.” Joe Masepoes, a QAnon promoter whose pro-QAnon videos have been shared by celebrities like former baseball star Curt Schilling, urged his followers to “be here tomorrow.”

So will they now give up on all this idiocy? Of course not. They’ll find some little sentence or phrase in the report and run it through their silly straw and out will pop some new variation of the conspiracy and new rationalization for yet another failed prediction. They can’t do otherwise. They have too much invested in it.

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