Taylor: Obama Will Claim to be Kenyan to Avoid Treason Charges

Taylor: Obama Will Claim to be Kenyan to Avoid Treason Charges April 19, 2019

Firefighter turned con man Mark Taylor is out with a new “prophecy.” He says Obama is going to be charged with treason — for what, he doesn’t say — and will admit to being Kenyan in order to get out of the charges. I’ll happily bet everything I own against everything he owns that it won’t happen. How strong is your faith, Mark?

Taylor insisted that the issue of Obama’s birth certificate is vitally important because it is the key to effectively negating his entire presidency, citing the QAnon conspiracy theory which claims that high-ranking intelligence officials in the Trump administration are leaking information about a secret plan to take down a global network of satanic pedophiles that includes prominent Democratic Party entertainment, political and business figures.

“This is huge,” he said. “Q has even said himself that he will claim Kenyan citizenship to keep from being charged for treason. Now, if he claims Kenyan citizenship, that means he was a false president, in which case every decision this man has made is now null and void, including the two Supreme Court justices.”

“The birther thing is important,” Taylor added. “It is important because if he does claim Kenyan citizenship, then he just admitted—to save his own skin—he just admitted, ‘I wasn’t supposed to be president.’”

I won’t be holding my breath, either waiting for this to happen or for Taylor to accept the wager.

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