Delivering Messages from God to Q

Delivering Messages from God to Q April 30, 2019

Dave Hayes, the “praying medic” and self-declared prophet, says that he is a conduit from God to Q. No, not Q from Star Trek but the anonymous twitterer who has convinced large numbers of dullards that he is close to Trump and that Trump is preparing a mass roundup of pedophiles — a pedophile being pretty much every prominent Democrat in the world.

“Sometimes I put out cryptic, weird messages,” he continued. “That’s just kind of how prophetic people are. God gives you a message, you deliver the message. It is up to the receiver to understand it. You’re just the messenger. My job is not always to explain the message, my job is to give the message and somebody else is going to have to figure out what it means.”

Hayes likened his role to that of a postal carrier who simply delivers messages to people’s homes but isn’t supposed to stick around to explain the message to its intended recipient.

“Sometimes I get message for Q and his team,” he said. “God shows me, ‘Hey, this is what Q is doing, this is where it’s going, this is what’s happening down the road.’ And I will post things on Twitter and those messages are for Q.”

“I am, in a sense, a mailman. I just deliver messages,” declared Hayes. “And I will say this, delivering messages for the God of the universe, there isn’t a job that is much cooler than that.”

You know what’s really cool about it? You can just make stuff up and no matter how ridiculous it is, you’ll find a huge audience ready to lap it up like a pig to slop. Nice work if you can get it. Oh wait, you can. All you have to do is declare yourself a prophet. Instant career. P.T. Barnum was an optimist.

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