Trump Lies to Ridicule Weather Forecasters

Trump Lies to Ridicule Weather Forecasters April 30, 2019

Trump held another of his Nuremberg rallies in Green Bay, Wisconsin this weekend. It was the usual mishmash of lies, bigotry and stupidity. For some bizarre reason, he decided to ridicule weather forecasters for predicting a big snowstorm for Green Bay during his rally. The only problem is that they predicted no such thing.

Thousands crammed into Resch Center in Green Bay for the weekend rally. After greeting supporters and launching jests at politicians he has nicknamed in the 2020 race, Trump’s remarks turned to the weather.

“They thought you were going to have a big snowstorm,” jeered Trump, crowds erupting into roaring cheers. “A big, big snowstorm. The people that get it wrong the most are the weather forecasters and the political analysts.”

But the forecast wasn’t wrong. There was a storm, but hundreds of miles to the south. Wet snow blanketed southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, including Chicago. The system was not expected to hit northern Wisconsin.

This is classic Trump, claiming that no one knows anything but him. So okay, let’s test that. Let Trump provide a weather forecast every day based on his own gut feelings and see how accurate those predictions are. He won’t do that, of course, because everyone would then know he’s jam packed with fecal matter. In Trumpworld, he knows all and doesn’t need those “experts” to tell him anything. His narcissism knows no bounds.

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