Guandolo Wants to Outlaw Islam

Guandolo Wants to Outlaw Islam May 3, 2019

Disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo, who was forced to leave the FBI because he had sex with a witness he was supposed to be protecting, is one of the most virulent Islamophobes in the country. So much so that he is demanding that Islam be outlawed in the United States and that Rep. Ilhan Omar be tried for treason — for being a Muslim, I guess.

Credit: JMacpherson

“At the risk of going too far, because the problem we normally have when you talk about solutions to an audience that does fully understand the problem, the solutions may sound a bit harsh,” Guandolo replied. “But I will tell you, we’re on the precipice of losing the war.”

Guandolo’s recommended “solution” is for the government to outlaw any “public display of Sharia adherence,” which means no public calls to prayer, no mosques, no minarets, and no wearing burkas or hijabs, among other things.

“Outlaw all of that,” he said. “Because Sharia in and of itself is a system that is seditious and if you’re in public office like Ilhan Omar, you are committing treason for what she’s doing. She’s treasonous. Yes, read my lips: Treason! And she should be charged for it.”

But of course, Guandolo would tell you in no uncertain terms of his abiding love of the Constitution, which includes that pesky religious freedom thing. And you’d think a former FBI agent would have a better grasp on what is and is not treason. Frankly, he is the one who is being anti-American and anti-Constitution.

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