Dominionist Wants ‘Biblical Reformation’ or Armed Revolt

Dominionist Wants ‘Biblical Reformation’ or Armed Revolt May 7, 2019

David Jolly, a Christian dominionist not to be confused with the former Congressman from Florida, has a column at BarbWire arguing that if America does not undergo a “Biblical revolution,” it’s time for an armed revolt against the “tyrannical left.” And he gets the history of the American revolution hilariously wrong in the process.

By 1774, the British tyranny and taxation of the colonists became so oppressive that the colonists began talking about open rebellion. On April 19, 1775, the first shots of the American Revolution were fired on the commons of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.

Two hundred and forty-four years later, Americans once again are finding themselves being oppressed by the tyrannical left.

The leftists want to tax everyone to death, just like the British did so long ago…

In many ways, America today is much like the American colonies 250 years ago and short of a biblical reformation the likes this nation has never seen, it seems obvious that the only hope of saving America is for Christians and conservatives do what they did 244 years ago when they armed themselves and rebelled against the tyrants that were oppressing them.

Am I calling for a rebellion? If necessary, YES, I am. First I ask everyone to pray for a complete reformation, but short of that reformation, I urge conservatives and Christians to be ready to take up arms and fight for our country. If they don’t, the America we all love and cherish will quickly disappear.

Why does the right always get the taxation part of the American revolution exactly backwards? The Boston Tea Party, which sparked the revolution, was not a reaction to taxes that were too high, it was a reaction to taxes that were too low. They were angry that the Tea Act passed by the British parliament allowed the British East India Company to export tea to the colonies without being taxed because the lower price that allowed them to undercut colonial tea importers.

The other part he gets absolutely wrong is that he seems to believe that those who fought the revolution were “the right” and they were fighting against “the left.” But it was conservatism that argued for keeping the traditional ties with England and radical liberal reformers who wanted to throw off the chains of King George and establish independence. Their understanding of history is as farcical as their religious views. And isn’t advocating armed revolution against the government the very definition of sedition?

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