Coach Dave to Take Another Shot at Getting Hillary Arrested

Coach Dave to Take Another Shot at Getting Hillary Arrested May 8, 2019

God told Coach Dave Daubenmire to stake out the Clinton’s house in New York so she would be arrested and absolutely nothing happened, so he’s taking a second shot at it, inviting “Christians, patriots, veterans, anyone who loves America” to join him for another round of…what, exactly? I have no idea. But it has something to do with breaking the “Jezebel spirit.”

“I will be there and as many of you who are within a day’s drive of Chappaqua, we would love you to come,” Daubenmire announced. “This is going to be done on the Sunday of Memorial Day … We are calling Christians, patriots, veterans, anyone who loves America, who is sick and tired of no equal justice under the law to come and join us in Chappaqua, New York. It’s going to be at two o’clock on Sunday afternoon.”

“Hillary Clinton is under satanic protection,” Daubenmire said later in the broadcast. “The Jezebel spirit needs to be cast down in America, and who represents the Jezebel spirit in America more than any other public figure? Well, I don’t even have to tell you who that is, do I?”

“That Jezebel spirit has to be confronted and has to be brought down,” he added. “If we do not show up and begin to push back, if the light does not come out into the streets, you’d better know that the strong demonic anointing will protect her and everyone associated with it … This thing is so much bigger than we even understand, that without the power of God, we will be not be able to conquer it.”

These crackpots rarely fail to provide me with much amusement. Praise the lord for that.

"I can't decide what's worse: listening to him or reading his incoherent babbling."

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