Crackpot: CO School Shooting was a “Masonic Ritual.”

Crackpot: CO School Shooting was a “Masonic Ritual.” May 10, 2019

First-class crackpot Christopher McDonald says that the shooting at a school in Colorado was not the work of two disturbed teenagers, it was really a “Masonic ritual.” I love how every nutzo conspiracy gets just rolled into one. I’m sure they used chemtrails to brainwash the kids through their Satanic antennae. Try to follow this “logic.”

“I picked up on something quickly,” McDonald said. “Twenty seven. Two suspects, seven injured, that’s 27. And that’s 3 x 3 x 3. It was a Masonic ritual, a Masonic thing that took place today in Colorado.”

“I guarantee you,” McDonald continued, “there will be gun-control drums that’ll be beat over the next 24 hours, the rest of this week, somebody is going to come out and call for gun control. Folks, this is a distraction. It’s a Masonic attempt to control this nation, an in-your-face ‘blank you’ to this country, and we see through it.”

Yeah,except 8 kids were killed, not 7. Even by this “logic,” he fails to make the case. There is nothing too absurd for these people to believe. Nothing. I blame the fluoride in the water.

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