Taylor: Hurricane Maria Created to Turn Florida Blue

Taylor: Hurricane Maria Created to Turn Florida Blue May 10, 2019

Mark Taylor, firefighter turned “prophet” and con artist, says that Hurricane Maria was intentionally created by someone — probably the Illuminati — to flood Florida with refugees that will make the state vote Democratic. Refugees from Puerto Rico. Who already have the right to vote. That’s brilliant.

“What the Lord showed me is that there is a plan in place to try to steal Florida and Texas over to blue,” he said. “Yes, we control the weather a lot of times, guys. We can generate these storms … If you’ll notice, right after the hurricane hit down in Puerto Rico and they had that big scandal with the mayor down there and all that stuff. They were trying to move half a million Puerto Ricans into Florida as a humanitarian effort. Give me a break! It was not a humanitarian effort, guys. That’s why they were holding the food up—that’s why the mayor was holding the food up—so they could justify sending them to Florida.”

“They had plenty of supplies down there, they wouldn’t release them,” Taylor said. “It was because they’re trying to turn Florida blue.”

No evidence for any of this, of course. God told him so. I wonder how you would make a footnote for that? “God, conversation with; May 5, 2019.” It would probably work at “Liberty” “University.”

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