Trump Turns on McGahn

Trump Turns on McGahn May 12, 2019

And we have yet another example of Trump hiring someone and promoting him in that job, then turning on them when they turn out to not be as compliant as he wants them to be. We’ve seen it with Jeff Sessions and many others and now it’s former White House Counsel Don McGahn’s turn in the barrel.

Suddenly he was “never a big fan” of McGahn’s, after hiring him and keeping him in that position for two years. Why? Because it’s been widely reported that he refused Trump’s order to fire both Sessions and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. As with Sessions, Trump believes that the job of everyone around him is to protect him, not to protect the country. The very idea that McGahn might show some independence is appalling to him because he views himself as a Mafia don, surrounded by deputies whose job it is to protect him from any trouble. Failure to do that lands you in Trump’s doghouse and you will magically be transformed from valued employee to worthless trash to be discarded.

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