Chat Logs Show Proud Boys Plotting Violent Attacks

Chat Logs Show Proud Boys Plotting Violent Attacks May 24, 2019

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Publicly claiming to just be a fraternal drinking organization, the “Proud Boys” have been once again caught in private chat logs plotting to violently attack their political enemies, even saying they plan to “eradicate” them.

But private chat logs leaked to HuffPost fly directly in the face of that sentiment, showing Proud Boys premeditating violence they hope to commit. They spent months before the April rally meticulously planning strategies for injuring protesters.

Members discuss what weapons they might use against the “commies” they’ll meet in the street, which police officers might be sympathetic to them, how they’ll raise funding to fly out their long-distance compatriots, and how they’ll “bait” protesters into throwing the first punch so that they can claim self-defense.

It’s not a coincidence that violence always breaks out at Proud Boys rallies. They plan ahead for it.

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