Crackpot: Q Anon Arrests Modeled after Saudi Crackdown

Crackpot: Q Anon Arrests Modeled after Saudi Crackdown May 25, 2019

Official Q Anon bootlicker Dave Hayes says that the massive arrests will begin soon and will be modeled after the crackdown in Saudi Arabia by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who arrested hundreds of members of his own family to consolidate his power.

“This is a battle to the death,” he continued. “There can be no clemency, there can be no deals, and there can be not much mercy.”

Hayes predicted that America will soon witness something akin to the mass arrests that played out in Saudi Arabia in 2017, when the government arrested hundreds of people in a supposed crackdown on corruption.

“Saudi Arabia, I think, was a good example of what this will look like,” he said. “We’re probably going to see something like that here. There are going to be mass arrests and these people are going to be held accountable. Trump told the media today, ‘Oh yes, they’re guilty of treason, and yes, they’re going to pay the penalty for it.”

Isn’t it fascinating how suddenly tyrannical actions taken by a corrupt and undemocratic government are now role models to be emulated.

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