Sanders: Those Mean Democrats Made Trump Do It

Sanders: Those Mean Democrats Made Trump Do It June 1, 2019

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is using the “baby, why you make me hit you” argument in regard to the new tariffs on goods crossing the Mexican border. He only did it because those big mean Democrats won’t do their jobs, forcing Trump to stop illegal immigration all by himself. So it’s all your fault!

“If Democrats would quit wasting so much time of their time attacking this president, the president wouldn’t have to engage Mexico in the same way because Congress would be doing its job. At some point they have to get serious about solving real problems and so far they continue to be unwilling to do that,” Sanders claimed.

The Trump administration announced that the new tariffs will begin at a rate of 5% starting June 10. The tariffs will increase to as much as 25% by October 1 if Mexico does not crack down on Central American migrants attempting to cross the U.S. border.

Yeah, if only they would do what he wanted he wouldn’t to do what he wanted! Let that be a lesson to you!

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