Trump Restricts Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research

Trump Restricts Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research June 6, 2019

In yet another appalling move, Trump is cutting off funding for research done by government scientists using stem cells to find new cures and treatments for diseases, including AIDS, Alzheimer’s and many others. Because he’s “pro-life,” dontchaknow. Well, fetal life. Once they’re born, to hell with them.

The Trump administration on Wednesday ended funding of medical research by government scientists using fetal tissue and canceled a multimillion-dollar contract for a university laboratory that relies on the material to test new HIV therapies.

The determination to tighten federal support for an ideologically polarizing aspect of medical research was made by President Trump himself, a White House spokesman confirmed.

“This was the president’s decision,” said spokesman Judd Deere, calling it “another important policy … to protect the dignity of human life.”

Oh yes, of course, because if there’s one thing Trump believes in, it’s the “dignity of human life.” That’s why they’re arresting and prosecuting people who leave food and water for immigrants who otherwise might die and throwing out the water so they can’t get any of it. It’s why he’s ripped children away from their parents, some of them with no hope of being reunited. That’s why he doesn’t care, in fact likely cheers, when his dictator buddies like Vladimir Putin and Mohammad bin Salman murder those who criticize them. That’s why he thinks he can sexually assault women because he’s a “celebrity.” That’s why he insists on selling weapons to countries who use them to indiscriminately bomb hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Because he just believes so gosh darn strongly in the “dignity of human life.”

And nothing shows his belief in the dignity of human life more than allowing countless millions to suffer from horrible diseases because he has to pander to his ignorant base who care more about a tiny little glob of a few cells than they do about people who are actually living.

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