There Are People Who Actually Think the Metric System is Evil

There Are People Who Actually Think the Metric System is Evil June 7, 2019

I have long joked with some of my friends from around the world about their “communist” metric system, but it’s just that — a joke. But there are right-wingers, including Tucker Carlson, who actually believe that the system is “tyranny” and ant-freedom. Why? Oh, who the heck knows. It’s not like they ever actually think about anything anyway.

“Almost every nation on Earth has fallen to tyranny: the metric system,” said Carlson. “From Beijing to Buenos Aires, from Lusaka to London, the people of the world have been forced to measure their environment in millimeters and kilograms. The United States is the only country that is resisted, but we have no reason to be ashamed for using feet and pounds.”…

But according to Carlson’s guest, self-proclaimed “anti-metrite” James Pinero, the metric system should be feared because it is “the original system of global revolution and new world orders.”

“Esperanto died, but the metric system continues, this weird, utopian, inelegant, creepy system that we alone have resisted,” said Carlson. “How long can we hold out against it, would you say?”

“We should stand tall on our own 2 feet, I say,” said Pinero. “Because it is customary measures that measured out the revolution and customary measures that took us to the moon. The metric system is the product of the French revolution. It was imposed at the business end of the guillotine.”

Is America actually the dumbest, most ridiculous nation in the world? In the history of the world? The evidence seems to be piling up.

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