Sin Causes Earthquakes!

Sin Causes Earthquakes! June 13, 2019

Wingnut Mary Colbert was on the Jim Bakker show and claimed that the true cause of extreme weather and natural disasters like earthquakes is not plate tectonics or the laws of physics. It’s sin. Now don’t you wish you’d listened when your mom told you to stop touching yourself? Those California wildfires? All your fault.

“The devil knows what is in the word of God,” she said. “I truly believe that because he knows what the word says—that toward the End Times, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, all these things are going to happen as the birth pangs of the return of Jesus Christ—now the enemy is trying to change that narrative for the mindset of the people that this has to do with climate change, so that they can believe it’s something outside of their control that is happening.”

“The thing that man needs to do is repent,” Colbert declared. “Repentance would delay things, but because of this hard-heartedness and evil that is increasing, the birth pangs of the earth are getting worse. It has nothing to do with coal, it has nothing to do with climate change, it has to do with the sin nature that’s increasing in the earth.”

This is, of course, an age-old view that comes right out of the Bible. The Emperor Justinian actually wrote it into Roman law:

“Whereas certain men, overcome by diabolical incitement to practice among themselves the most unworthy lewdness and acts against nature, we exhort them to be fearful of God and the coming judgment, and to abstain from such illicit and diabolical practices so that the just wrath of God may not fall upon them on account of these heathen acts, with the result that cities perish with all their inhabitants. For Sacred Scriptures teach us that similar impious acts caused the annihilation of cities with all their inhabitants …

“And since such sins are the cause of famine, earthquakes and plagues, we warn men to abstain from these acts so as not to lose their souls. But if, after this warning of ours, it should be discovered that someone persists in such iniquity, he will render himself unworthy of God’s mercy, and further will be subjected to the punishment established by law.

“Thus, we order the most illustrious Prefect of the Capital to arrest those who persist in the aforesaid illicit and impious acts … and to inflict upon them the most severe punishments, so that the city and the State do not end by suffering on account of such iniquitous acts.”

Was nonsense back then. Still is. But I do wonder what terrible disasters Jim Bakker caused by schtupping his secretary.

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