Steve King Finds Black People Who Will Hang Out with Him

Steve King Finds Black People Who Will Hang Out with Him June 13, 2019

White supremacist Rep. Steve King of Iowa has managed to find a couple black people who like him, they really like him, proving that he can’t possibly be racist or something. Who is it? Diamond and Silk, who are not, much to my surprise, backup dancers for Prince. He’s even named a new bill after them. A bill that won’t even get a hearing.

Rep. Steve King and the pro-Trump social media duo known as “Diamond and Silk” (Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson) appeared before reporters outside the U.S. Capitol Building today to highlight proposed legislation named for the eccentric pair.

“The Diamond and Silk Act” is a proposed bill that King said he drafted with input from Hardaway and Richardson. King cited “research” Diamond and Silk said they did while filming their movie “Dummycrats,” which consisted of Diamond and Silk traveling to the West coast to speak to homeless people on the street and complain about poop on the streets of San Francisco.

The legislation, formally titled the “End Sanctuaries and Help Our American Homeless and Veterans Act,” aims to take away federal funds from sanctuary cities and reroute the reclaimed funds to veteran and homelessness aid programs. Even conservatives have criticized the bill; Washington Examiner opinion columnist Becket Adams called The Diamond and Silk Act a “cheap shot” that was “idiotic and cruel to those whom the legislation is intended to serve.”

But hey, does he actually care the slightest about homeless people? I bet no one can find a single instance of King ever voting for more funding to help the homeless. Just an inane political stunt intended to show that at least two black people in the country are willing to overlook his white supremacy (I bet Jesse Lee Peterson is too).

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